CTi Mine Explorer for Windows 10


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Cascades Technologies, inc. (CTi) Mine Explorer is the easiest, fastest, and most intuitive way to access the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Mines Data Set and Accident Injuries Data Set on your phone. It leverages a commonly used and graphically rich mapping solution along with data from DOL MSHA. The DOL MSHA data lists all Coal and Metal/Non-Metal mines under MSHA's jurisdiction dating back to 1970. It also includes extremely valuable information that details the current status of each mine (Active, Abandoned, Nonproducing, etc.), the current owner and operating company, commodity codes, accidents, and physical attributes of the mine.Utilizing DOL MSHA information, our CTi Mine Explorer Application presents this data in a more intuitive, meaningful, interactive, and easy to use way that includes map, satellite, and hybrid views. The user can zoom in to a geographical location to see where mines are located. Users can also search by mine name or filter by using the mine’s current status. For each mine, CTi Mine Explorer displays:· Name· Status· Operator· Type of mine· County· State· Commodity· Industry· Number of production days· Number of Shifts per day· Number of Hours per shift· Number of employees· Accidents Information (Date, Operator name, Degree of injury, Classification, Occupation, Activity, narrative about the accident)CTi Mine Explorer utilizes freely available DOL MSHA raw data but it is not affiliated in any way with the Department of Labor. Cascades Technologies, inc. presents the data AS IS and without any modifications or changes to the original source data. Any data inaccuracies should be reported to the U.S. Department of Labor, http://www.msha.gov/OpenGovernmentData/OGIMSHA.asp.

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